We support people with a strong desire to improve their quality of life. We support professionals who want to improve the health and fitness experience.


  • Providing B Strong Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Guided Training Programs
  • Individualized digital exercise programs (specifically using BFR) help improve general strength, endurance, and overall function
  • Safe for a wide spectrum of individuals including those with chronic conditions


  • Delivering online and in-person B Strong BFR Certification Seminars worldwide for health and fitness professionals
  • Consulting services to improve use of B Strong BFR for individual use or professional application


  • Taking the latest methods that have been researched and strategically getting them behind clients
  • Tracking individual outcomes and using data to refine and improve optimal outcomes
  • Connecting companies, researchers, and clinicians/coaches to advance research and application of innovative techniques


  • Over five years of experience with product innovation and design
  • Partnering with companies to improve how a products and technologies can better serve the health and fitness community


  • Providing formal physical therapy evaluation and treatment to address pain, injury, and limitation (Arizona only)
  • Service provided at private facility, patient’s home, or telehealth visit