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September 10-12, 2021

Interested in B Strong Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Guided Training?

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It (BFR) is the best thing I’ve been able to find…It’s really amazing to have that feeling of hope.

Robb – 47 year-old client with inclusion body myositis (IBM)

How does B Strong BFR work?

B Strong has specifically engineered a narrow elastic band that is placed around the arms and/or legs. These bands are inflated with a hand pump to a specific pressure which temporarily changes the way blood exits the limb. When exercising with B Strong it makes relatively easy exercise seem challenging as the brain things the muscle is working harder than it actually is. If interested in seeing a lower body B Strong BFR session click here for a demonstration.

What is myositis and why is B Strong BFR a good fit to help improve fitness?

Myositis means inflammation of the muscles and these conditions are associated with muscle weakness. B Strong BFR allows exercise to be conducted anywhere using light loads and for a short period of time, but can produce the effects of a more strenuous training session. These effects include increasing muscle strength and size and getting a hormonal response from the exercise in which the entire body will benefit. Since light loads are used it minimizes the stress on the body allowing it to recover quickly following exercise to help in building strength and function.

I’ve been able to hike on a regular basis, my hand strength has improved, my ability to climb stairs and get up from a seated location have gotten easier…After the workouts I feel stronger and mentally I feel more peaceful and less stressed.

Jeff – 56 year-old client with inclusion body myositis (IBM)

What’s included as a part of the guided training program?

The first step is to purchase an individual training system (two arm bands, two leg bands, a pump, and case) from B Strong. Enrollment in B Strong Guided Training includes:

Monthly subscription to individualized programs

-Personalized virtual exercise programs designed to meet your needs

-Average of 4 workouts/week

-Average workout duration is 15-20 minutes

Initial consultation and baseline functional testing

-Initial 60 minute Zoom consultation prior to beginning program to ensure safety and comfort with using B Strong

-Baseline functional testing to determine fitness level

Guidance from a B Strong BFR Certified Professional

-Your coach monitors progress on a regular basis

-Unlimited messaging from participant to coach following every session

Monthly follow up and testing to determine progress

-Monthly 30 minute call on Zoom with your coach (first 6 months, bi-monthly following)

-Tests are performed again, results are reviewed, and program is adjusted to ensure maximum benefit

How much does the program cost?

There’s an initial investment in the B Strong Individual System. This retails for $429.95, but with the 10% off discount the price is reduced to $386.96. Enrollment into guided training that includes everything listed above is $125/month and allows participants to be involved on a month-to-month basis. Any additional time with your coach is billed at a rate of $125/hour.

Is BFR safe?

Approximately 300,000 sessions of this type of training are completed daily in Japan. The idea was first conceived in the 1960’s and was implemented and developed into the 1970’s, so it has been around for a while. The Japanese have published safety survey’s in 2005 and 2016, with limited adverse effects when applying with correct equipment and guidance. B Strong has developed a system with a unique design to allow the bands to apply pressure to the tissue without occluding arterial flow or creating a tourniquet. Many adverse effects that occur come from training under full occlusion. With B Strong, the air pump can reach its maximum capacity while still allowing blood flow into the limb.

It’s easy to get started up because you have help from someone knowledgeable in B Strong. You can ask questions and the exercise itself is easy to achieve.

John – 79 year-old client with inclusion body myositis (IBM)

Has BFR been studied in those who have myositis?

Yes. There has been a case report published on a 74 year old male with IBM, a randomized control trial on several patients with IBM, and another study on its impact on those with polymyositis and dermatomyositis. The most recent published study looked at the immune system/inflammation and determined inflammatory response wasn’t intensified with BFR training. While these studies aren’t overly numerous and significantly robust in nature, the safety and effectiveness of BFR in these small groups are encouraging and showing positive outcomes. B Strong Guided Training set up as a fitness based program that isn’t designed for treatment of a specific condition, but future clinical trials are being pursued for implications with specific disease states.

What do current clients have to say?

John talks about physical improvements he has made after 2 months of B Strong BFR.
Harry discusses how B Strong BFR has helped him with gyms closing in 2020.
Robb explains how B Strong BFR has improved his confidence on his feet.
Jeff compares B Strong BFR to traditional exercise and explains enhanced benefits.

After about a month or two of BFR, a lot of my aches and pain in the muscles and fatigue has been gone….I feel pretty normal to where if someone asked me if I had IBM, I would say no.

Harry – 60 year-old client with inclusion body myositis (IBM)

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