B Strong Guided Training for Myositis

One Harmonic Motion and B Strong Training Systems have teamed up to ensure B Strong Guided Training is structured based on current research and is safe for a wide variety of individuals, including individuals with muscle disorders.  One Harmonic Motion has particular expertise in working with individuals with myositis using this program.  Like other program participants, those with muscle disorders are seeing excellent individual fitness results from implementing B Strong BFR into their regular strength and training programs.

Program participants are able to minimize muscle damage and improve their recovery with implementation of BFR.  They are able to use lighter loads, but see results as if they were lifting heavy weights.  Additional benefits are discussed here.

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For testimonials, more information, and to enroll, go to TMA Annual Patient Conference page as B Strong and One Harmonic Motion participated in this year’s event to talk about the benefits of these fitness programs.