May Workout Tracker



Workouts completed: 565/550

Total Amount Raised: $842.07

Workouts completed as of: 5/31/2021

WHAT: One Harmonic Motion has been running guided training programs utilizing blood flow restriction (BFR) training and has developed a participant pool of clients from across the world. We will be tracking all BFR workouts completed through our programs during the month of May as a part of a fundraiser.

WHO: A large percentage of clients involved in our guided training program have some form of myositis. One Harmonic Motion is pleased to serve this community and with May being Myositis Awareness Month, One Harmonic Motion wanted to give back. Proceeds will go to The Myositis Association and contribute to an upcoming special event they are hosting.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The goal of the guided training community as a whole is to complete 550 total workouts in the month of May. One Harmonic Motion will donate $0.60/BFR workout completed in May up to the 550 workouts. The progress will be tracked on this page and updated frequently.

HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED? 1) If you are participating in the guided training program, work at being consistent with your exercise as each workout counts. 2) If you would like to personally contribute to the fundraiser please email You can donate based on the number of BFR workouts you complete individually in the month or you can add to the $0.60/BFR workout completed by as little at $0.01/BFR workout up to the 550 workouts. Please reach out by May 7 so your contributions can be included in the progress tracker.

Here’s to a great month of May!