Who can attend the B Strong BFR Certification Seminar?

  • The seminar is designed for those working in health and fitness, to become certified B Strong BFR providers.  The education is geared toward, but not limited to athletic trainers, chiropractors, medical doctors, occupational therapists, personal trainers, and physical therapists.
  • If individuals are interested in learning more about applying B Strong BFR for personal use and do not work in health and fitness, online or in-person consultations are available.  Please submit these requests through the contact page.

Will Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) be provided for attendees?

  • One Harmonic Motion is in the process of applying for CEU’s for the following professions:
    • Physical Therapists (PT)
  • Individual seminar pages will be updated regularly and will identify what types of CEU’s have been approved.

If I’m interested in One Harmonic Motion hosting a seminar at my facility, where do I start?

  • Fill out the Other Inquires form on the Contact page and you’ll receive additional information via email.

How soon do I need to sign up to attend a seminar?

  • The sooner the better.  One Harmonic Motion reserves the right to cancel a seminar if seven paid participants have not completed the registration process within 30 days of the seminar.
  • If ordering equipment in conjunction with registration for the seminar, participants must sign up 7 days prior to the seminar to allow enough time for equipment to be shipped to seminar host.
  • You can register for seminar up until the day the seminar begins.  However, if you sign up less than 7 days prior to start date, individual equipment may not be available to use due to shipping restraints.
  • Additional info can be found on Seminar Policies for Participants page.

Will lunch be served at the seminars?

  • No.  Participants will have an hour for lunch on their own, but water and energy bars will be provided as snacks during the seminar.

When will the seminar be sold out?

  • Each seminar will be capped at 28 participants to ensure appropriate instruction and experience for participants.

When what should I bring to the seminar?

  • Participants should wear clothes that are comfortable exercising in.  Participants should also bring a laptop as the seminar content is digital content stored on Google Drive.  The exam at the conclusion of the seminar is also web-based and can be easily taken on the computer.

How do I know what size of B Strong BFR Bands to order?

  • Please watch the video and use the chart below to ensure you are ordering the correct band sizes.