B Strong Guided Training

These guided programs are intended for providing more instruction and structure to the following groups:

  1. You recently purchased a B Strong Training System and want guidance in setting up a program that is specific to your goals.
  2. You are curious about B Strong BFR and haven’t committed to using this training method due to uncertainty with application.  This will give you a resource to ensure you are applying it in a way that will produce the best outcomes.

By making B Strong BFR a part of your routine, it will help in improving your wellness and fitness.  A solution that requires minimal equipment, time, and space.  No matter if you are an avoid fitness enthusiast and looking to diversify your training or you have struggled with a chronic condition, these programs will be customized to your specific needs. 

If you are interested in a personalized BFR guided training program please complete the form below and we will reach out.