One Harmonic Motion started offering online fitness programs in November of 2019 utilizing primarily B Strong BFR to help clients maintain strength and function regardless of ability level. Over the last two years it became evident that the Guided Training program needed it’s own brand, name, and identity as it was positively impacting several lives in the United States, but also across the world.

It was important to take a step back earlier in the year and understand the identity of this service and where it fit in the broader category of wellness and human performance. As a result, we landed on Somavive (soma: greek for body; vive – from revive or bring to life). Somavive helps individuals improve or maintain vitality with individualized blood flow restriction (BFR) services and ongoing proactive performance. You can learn more at

One Harmonic Motion will continue to provide BFR education, consulting services, and formal physical therapy. New seminar offerings for 2022 will be updated on the website as they become available.

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