May is Myositis Awareness Month and a large percentage of our clients involved in our guided training program have some form of myositis. We wanted to do something unique this month with our existing clients to help raise awareness and have been tracking blood flow restriction (BFR) workouts completed this month on the May Workout Tracker. The goal for our guided training clients as a whole was to complete 550 BFR workouts this month. As of May 16th we are nearly halfway to the goal and over $350 has been raised for The Myositis Association (TMA). The overall compliance our clients have with our programs is extremely high and their consistency has truly been “paying off” this month.

Lastly, as a part of Myositis Awareness Month, we were grateful to be a part of a series of events hosted by TMA were we presented on BFR. This was the first time we have started to present some of the data that’s been collected over the last 18 months on the benefits of BFR specifically in the inclusion body myositis (IBM) community. There was an engaged group that attended the live presentation and a recording of it can be found below.

Here’s to a great first half of the month. We are thankful for our clients we’ve served for well over a year and welcome several new ones who have recently enrolled. For more information on our Guided Training Programs, please check out the link or email Thanks.


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