It’s surprising when you lose something and go “Oh, I can’t do that any more” then to go “Oh, I can do that again”…it’s really amazing to have that feeling of hope.

Robb – client with inclusion body myositis (IBM)

Robb is another participant with inclusion body myositis (IBM) in our guided training program who is using B Strong Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) to help improve his strength and function. You can see the results he describes in the video above of implementing a fitness based program utilizing BFR. This has given him the ability to do things he never thought he would be able to do again.

I met Robb in January as his doctor had connected us. He was needing assistance to go up and down the stairs. He was having difficulty walking for longer periods of time without using an assistive device. As a former hockey player, it was challenging to see progressive loss of function. He has been able to see improvement in his function with use of BFR and small wins started turning into more independence.

Prior to starting the guided training program, he was challenged with managing overall energy expenditure. By being about to complete 20 minute training sessions within the comforts of his home, it has allowed him to improve his overall capacity for activity. He feels more energized and able to do more during the day.

Robb is an encouraging example of how consistent application of B Strong BFR in manageable doses can set the stage for someone to regain physical function. Keep in mind, this is in light of having a muscle wasting condition. Robb was willing to try something new and he is doing things that he previously thought to be unattainable.


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