It was a special opportunity to be involved at the 2020 TMA Annual Patient Conference as an exhibitor this year. This was the first time I had talked about our digital guided training programs to a larger group as up to this point word has primarily gotten out by word of mouth. I partnered with B Strong as we had a virtual booth at this year’s event and had the opportunity to speak to several individuals with myositis about blood flow restriction (BFR) training.

I had never heard of inclusion body myositis (IBM) until about a year ago when I started working with an individual who had been diagnosed with this muscle wasting condition. The results that he saw from implementing this method of exercise were incredible. Since this time, I’ve been studying and immersing myself in this community to better understand their needs.

At this point I’m designing fitness programs implementing BFR for a wide range of individuals, but those with myositis are very special cases as the impact it has had is hard to beat. Several have improved their quality of life, made substantial strength gains, and regained function. It has been one of the most encouraging things I’ve encountered in my career. Over the course of the next several weeks, I’m going to go on a blogging spree to share several stories from my clients as they are the real heroes. Their stories are too good not to share.

To give you a sneak peak to what’s ahead, you can watch the video I put together for the booth at the conference below.

Thank you to those who came by the booth last month to learn more. If you weren’t able to make the event, but are interested in more information about the guided training programs the landing page is still open and you can click here to learn more.


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  1. It’s hard not to get excited about what may be a Godsend for us myositis patients. I’m not looking for a miracle; just an improvement. Can’t wait to try BFR.

  2. Thank you Bret, for attending our Myositis KIT meeting, presenting BFR, and mostly for your interest in the IBM/Myositis community. I look forward to trying BFR.

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