A few months ago, a sample two week training program was added to the website to provide an opportunity for someone who was new to using B Strong some direction in how to set up a lower body training session, upper body training session, and total body training session.

More recently some educational infographics have been added to help understand B Strong BFR training and its benefits. These were challenging to put together as there are several complex processes that occur in the body at a cellular level during BFR training. But, how can this be simply communicated to someone who has no medical or fitness background? The B Strong BFR General Overview handout was designed to answer 5 questions in 3-5 sentences in a way that’s easy to understand.

The other infographic provides some information on using BFR to improve bone health. This benefit from BFR training tends to get overshadowed by the strength/muscle building benefits. Whether you are needing to help promote healing following a fracture or trying to improve bone health with aging, BFR provides a unique stimulus in order to do so.

Feel free to share with any friends and family who would be interested, but hope you find these helpful in better understanding B Strong and BFR training as a whole.

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