One Harmonic Motion is pleased to announce that the one day B Strong Certification Seminar will now be offered online. It will be presented live via Zoom, so participants can participate in the event from home. There are a few changes to the seminar that will take place to maintain quality for those who register.

  1. The online seminars will be sold out at 8 participants. This will allow the instructor to be make sure each participant gets the time they need when carrying out the practical portion of the seminar and ensure proper utilization of B Strong BFR.
  2. The online seminar will require participants to have B Strong equipment on hand the day of the seminar. If participants need to purchase equipment, they can do so in conjunction with their registration and it will be shipped to their home.
  3. Ticket prices that include equipment are $20 more than the in person seminars to cover individual shipping and handling costs.

The first two online B Strong BFR Certification Seminars will be hosted back-to-back days. The seminar is approved for 8 CEU’s by the Arizona Physical Therapy Association. To learn more, please click here.

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