Last weekend, I was grateful for another opportunity to head back to China to spend some time with First Rehab Academy and several of their clients.  It was a short trip as I was on the ground in China for 48 hours and we covered two stops in Beijing and one in Quinhuangdao.

We spent time with several of their national teams discussing practical use and application of blood flow restriction training using B Strong when it comes to integrating it into a formal training program.  As always, the Chinese are a pleasure to work with and are very engaged and bring excellent questions to the table.


On our way to Quinhuangdao, we stopped at the Shanhai Pass, which is the most Northeastern point of the Great Wall.  It was a quick stop, but very interesting to see as it had been constructed over 600 years ago.


I look forward to having the opportunity to teach in a few new locations over the next 6 weeks in the US as Gulf Breeze, Florida and Meridian, Idaho are new stops on the 2019 schedule.  I hope you’ll be able to join at one of the upcoming seminars.


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