After being in Beijing for a day, we took a travel day and flew to Chengdu and prepared for an upcoming two-day seminar that was hosted at Dr. Sport.  I appreciated the team we had helping as many sales representatives from one of the B Strong Distributors in China assisting with set up, check in, and making sure the seminar ran smoothly.

WeChat Image_20190513185015On the first day we covered overview topics such as the history, safety, and efficacy of blood flow restriction training and finished the day with general practical application.

WeChat Image_20190513185230

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WeChat Image_20190513201948WeChat Image_20190513185257Day 2 involved discussing more specifics of practical application in regards to working with patients who were injured, improving aerobic capacity, and programming for overall recovery.  We ended up having 20-30 participants representing a wide range of professions as medical doctors, physios, strength and conditioning coaches, researchers, and professors were some of the professions represented.  The group was extremely engaged over the two days and asked several questions to help in furthering their understanding.

WeChat Image_20190513201925WeChat Image_20190513184738Dr. Sport did an exceptional job hosting and it was a pleasure spending time at their facility with a great group of professionals.  I’ll recap the final part of the trip soon.


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