After getting into Beijing on Tuesday evening, I ended up spending all day at Beijing Sport University on Wednesday.  In the morning, we spent time with students who were studying strength and conditioning.  After providing an overview of blood flow restriction (BFR) training we took about 20 students through different upper and lower body exercise protocols to allow them to feel the effects of B Strong BFR.  It seemed like the students enjoyed it as we had “the strongest” student in the class go first and many were amazed by how quickly he tired with low resistance exercise + BFR.

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In the afternoon, I was able to present as a part of a conference being held at the university for winter sport coaches and personnel.  It was a three hour lecture that was a part of a five day conference that exposed attendees to a general overview of B Strong BFR.

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There is a lot of buzz with Beijing hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics so many coaches are eager to learn more about technologies such as B Strong.  I will write back with more as I’m able.  With gratitude…


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